Half Boiled Eggs and Toasts

5 am. Malaysia time.

Wake up quite late today. Usually i wake up at 3 am but this morning i really tired and feeling very sleepy because my son is not really well. I really worried about him so i sleep at 1 am, wake up again at 3, sleep , wake up again at 4 am, sleep, until wake up again at 5 am.

Sitting front of computer, listening to any song that can make my eyes open while reading and try really hard to understand what it was written. It’s hard to read when we sleepy, right?

I can’t focus because my stomach is calling me to fill her emptiness. So i googling the fastest recipe so that i can eat fast. I across this simple recipe from Chinese Malaysian Kitchen(credit to the author, Linda). I choosed method 2 because that the easiest recipe for half boil eggs.

Half Boiled Eggs Recipe. I just copy and paste it from her web, really don’t know to write recipe in English. It’s hard(head scratching).


    • 2 or 3 cups (480 or 720ml) water (i just pour it depends on the mug or cup or bowl in the house)
    • 2 large (57g to 64g) organic eggs(i dont have one, just use regular medium eggs) at room temperature
    • A few drops of soy sauce(i forget to add it)
    • A little ground pepper (i’m lazy to ground it so crush it in mortar and pestle, sprinkle it on the eggs.
    • Toast for dipping (i just put it on the eggs)


Method 1
    1. Bring 3 cups (720ml) water to a rolling boil in a 1½ quart saucepan. Turn off stove and remove saucepan from stove. Gently lower room temperature eggs into the hot water. Cover saucepan with lid and allow eggs to cook for 7 minutes**.
Method 2
  1. Place eggs in an enamel mug. Bring 2 cups (480ml) water to a rolling boil. Pour water into the mug over the eggs. Cover mug with lid and allow eggs to cook for 8 minutes**.
  2. Remove eggs with a slotted spoon. When cool enough to handle, crack eggs into a shallow bowl. Add a little soy sauce and ground pepper. Serve immediately with toast.


**Cooking time can vary +/- 1 to 2 minutes depending on size of eggs.


I follow the second method and it turns out, wallaaaah… Maqnifique! With toasted bread and eat it fast. Yummy! I forgot to add soy sauce in this picture(grinning).


After finish my breakfast, i go the study room back again and ready to fight my worst nightmare… writing!

How i really wish that i have a wand like Harry Potter and say Expecto Patronum! or Hermoine Granger’s Wingadium Laviosa! I don’t know how to spell the Spell correctly, sorry for that(credit to Harry Potter author J.K Rowling, the casts Daniel Redcliff,  Emma Watson and Ron Weasley, what’s Ron real name? Haa Rupert Grint). I’m your Harry Potter big fan. Stupified! (I’m so stupid with Spells and writing, you know). S o i be a writer. Yeayy! How i wish that happen for real(dreaming).

We should ask Hermoine Granger aka Emma Watson how she did her Spell look so easy. But now she pretty busy with upcoming movie Beauty and The Beast. Emma, Ron should be the Beast, okay?(grinning). The people said the movie really similar with original Disney cartoon.(Credit to Disney Walt Pictures). Can’t wait to watch the movie. I think Emma should try this recipe because she busy and really don’t have time to eat properly so she can eat fast and rest fast. I think.

I think Datuk Nicol Ann David should try this recipe too because she has very tight schedules and busy with all practices, trainings, tournaments and championships around the world. Gosh, what a hectic life she got there. Her Squash sport is so fast so she has to move fast, workout fast, eat fast and rest fast too. I think she already know the recipe because she Malaysian and most of Malaysian love half boiled eggs so it easy for her to do this recipe. But i still want to give her this recipe anyway.

And because Beauty and the Beast movie will be coming to town soon, she should listen to this song when she has training. Datuk Nicol Ann David, whenever you hit the Squash ball on the wall, listen to this awesome song, and say this magic words “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the squashiest ball of them all?” So you will win the game! Yeayy!  That’s so #Squashsome!  Shake It Off Disney Style by Idos Media(Credit to Idos Media). Original singer is Taylor Swift(credit to Taylor Swift). Idos Media did this cover, really awesome with all the pretty costumes.

To all of you who’s really busy day and night and has to move fast in everyday life, this recipe is for you. Try, it’s really comfort and easy(smile), and enjoy the song too. It’s awesome! Yeahh! We share good things to make our life easier right?

So that’s all for this morning. Bye bye. See you later..(smile with sleepy face). Shake it off. Shake it off. (Jumping around);)


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