Prompts Writing: Like… I Like Coffee?

Every blogger faces it, sooner or later: you feel an itch to publish. You haven’t updated your site in a while. You put on your lucky writing socks, fire up WordPress, flex your fingers, and… … sit there, staring blankly at the screen. You’re blocked! (What? Like I’m the only one who has lucky writing […]

via Making Writing Prompts Personal — The Daily Post

4 am. Malaysia time. I read this entry from Michelle.W from The Daily Post. This is an old post but really interest me to keep reading it until end. What catched my eyes is word prompt. What is prompt?

I’m not English speaker so i have problem to understand how to prompt a writing. Writing in English is really hard for me. With a lot of grammatical errors here and there. I have a lot of ideas playing in my mind right now but i hold it because of difficulty of writing… and in English. It’s really difficult.

My lovely mug

What is prompts writing anyway? Like… i like coffee? I like coffee and use the same brand of coffee, use the same mug for coffee and use it for 365 days until it’s broken?  Is that a prompt? (head scratching)

My fluffy shoes

Or like.. i love this fluffy shoes, worn this fluffy in Australia when was a student and wearing it for all seasons even though it was not a Winter?(grinning) I miss this fluffy, i should’ve brought more to Malaysia so that i have spare for whole year even when it’s raining season.

Nicol David at Tournament of Champions(ToC) in Grand Central Station, NY.

Or like… why Nicol David is called Serena Williams of Squash but she not play tennis instead? Like Serena Williams? Oh okay… because she play Squash, i get it. We can watch her game on squash tournaments or any championships. I’ll runaway if i’ll be her opponent(laughing). I never get a chance to watch live because i don’t have money. (Credit to New York Times for the article and picture above).


Or like… I really like Moana animation movie (credit to Walt Disney Animation Studios) because i come from Oceania Region and share same traits with The Polynesian ethnic groups like Australian Aboriginal, New Zealand Maori, Samoa Island Samoan or Hawaii Hawaiian? So that’s mean Dwayne Johnson is my far… far… away cousin?(grinning). By the way, emmm (clear throat) oh my… He’s so HOT!. (Picture credit to Dark Horizons)


Or like… i don’t like Taylor Swift in the beginning but i like her now because of her songs? Even though most of her songs are about her ex-boyfriends? Ya… well, we like gossip right? But her songs are good! Really catchy and make us to jumping around when we stress out. Especially when we writing in sleepy mood. (Credit to for the picture above).

Oh where am i just now? Oh i seriously forgot… Hmm…(thinking) i remember now. What is prompt writing? Somebody help me! Help! So i asking for help… Somebody? No?


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