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Yesterday, i wrote again. I was really nervous. It’s been 10 years now. I haven’t write anything since then. I really afraid to write anything or anything related with writing. Lost the skill. Rusty. Words are bad. Language isn’t good, at all. So, why should i bother? What’s with writing? Where it will lead me?(self talking). I don’t know. I really don’t. Continue reading “Regrets”


In the Autumn

Loving Life in the Spring. Sport in the Summer. Art in the Autumn. Music in the Winter.

Inspired by Anna, Tulip, Big Fellow and Little Fellow.

But i never make it. In Four Season… make it happen. Absolutely it could.                    (Err… i don’t know, maybe. If God wills, it will be happen. Who knows, right?)

euno-tokyo (Autumn in Ueno District, Tokyo, Japan)